Welcome to the Seaside Country Store!!!

Nautical Gifts

Don’t miss the upstairs when you come to visit the Seaside Country Store! You’ll find everything from Dogs and sports displays to lace tables, coke memorabilia, American gear, mermaids and fairies, model boats and wall décor galore! We call the room “Nautical” but it really has everything and anything that you might need for your beach house or your home away from the beach.

Dogs: Unleash yourself in this fun section of the store! You’ll find everything you need for you and your four legged best friend. We have leashes and leash hangers, shirts, coasters, mouse pads, stuffed animals, mugs, and many different types of kitchen items with several different breeds displayed. We also have a unique collection of picture frames, photos, and wall décor.

Sports Items: Be your teams biggest fan with a bag full of items from this section of our store. When it comes to football you’ll find some generic football décor but there are also displays with the Eagles, Redskins, Giants, Cowboys, Steelers and Ravens. We have unique grill covers and BBQ sets as well as many items for your “Man Cave”! If you’re a baseball fan you can find Red Sox, Orioles, Yankees, and Phillies items like mugs, lamps, wall décor, clocks and even cheese spreaders!

Lace: We’ve had tables full of Heritage lace for as long as the store has been around. You can find runners and placemats of all sizes and shapes at the Country Store. We have flowers, roses, nautical, and garden patterns in both white and ecru shades.

Coke: If you’re a Coca-Cola collector, you’ll love this part of our store. There are signs and antiques of all kinds… there are even a few Pepsi items mixed in if you look carefully. We have Coke plates and paper products, canisters and even Christmas ornaments.

Americana: Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day are some of summers biggest holidays! You’ll have everything you need for your barbeque when you’re finished shopping. You can find many different paper products including cups and napkins as well as mugs, glasses, cheese spreaders, buckets, candles, shirts, aprons and festive hats!

Mermaids and Fairies: Feeling enchanted? Mermaids and Fairies are some of our biggest selling items. You’ll find dolls and collectible items, figurines, candles, bags, puzzles, notepads and more.

Model Boats & Ships: The model ships are perfect for your mantle! You’ll find large and small clipper ships, pirate ships, Sailboats, and Skipjacks. These items are perfect for boat lovers and enthusiasts. Don’t worry, we’ll do all the work putting them together, you can just stop in and pick out your favorite!

Wall Décor: The many different items that can hang on your wall is probably where the “Nautical Room” gets its name. Anchored by New Metal Design, you can find shorebirds, fish, and many other beach animals in metal and wood. Also very popular upstairs are canvas prints of many different sizes and designs as well as many different signs with Fenwick Island and other local resort towns prominently displayed. If you love the lighthouses at the beach, you’ll find many different replica sign with lighthouses as far north as Cape May and as far south as the Eastern Shore of Virginia.