Welcome to the Seaside Country Store!!!

The Ladies Fashions!

We make mature women feel young with our fun beach wear! Our Lady’s Boutique has many different lines of women's clothing and accessories. Our unique nautical jewelry allows you to bring some of the beach home!

Shoes: You’ll find many different brands and styles of shoes. You’ll find Lindsay Phillips Switch flops which have been very popular this season. We also carry Island Sandal. If you’re in need of slippers we have Snoozies!

Clothing: We carry many different brands and styles of women's clothing apparel. You’ll find LuLu-B, Christine Alexander, Color Me Cotton (CMC), Tia, and Cactus spring and summer apparel as well as spring and fall sweaters. We sell pink apparel to support Breast Cancer research through brands like Save the Ta-Ta’s and Fight Like A Girl.

Jewelry & Accessories: We have everything from bracelets, earrings, watches, beach cover-ups, sunglasses, nautical jewelry, scarves, rings, necklaces, hats, beach bags, and hand bags. We carry Viva Beads jewelry, Jody Coyote, and Amanda Blue. We also have Peepers and Art Wear reading glasses so you can read on the beach!